What is Friday Night Freakshow?

We’re a live radio broadcast, a podcast, a blog, a source for reviews and much more.

FNF has our very own Ringmaster in Odd Man, he’s been doing his thing for nearly 10 years now through Mad World Radio Network. He’s hosted a variety of programs over the years and Friday Night Freakshow is the latest incarnation of his lunacy and madness.

We play music and talk about a myriad of topics including but not limited to: Politics, Satire, Video Gaming, News, Life Experiences and more! We try to keep everything SFW, but occasionally a topic or rant will go awry and we’ll slip up and drop some gnarly word bombs. Odd does try to substitute a lot of other words for swear words. His current favorite swap is the Oedipus…..I think you can guess which word that’s for.

All in all, we’re just your friendly neighborhood freak show, with many attractions that will delight, amaze and bewilder. We do encourage audience participation via our chat room during live broadcasts, so step inside and join our merry band of misfits. Friday night at 8 pm EST right here on fridaynightfreakshow.com