Can’t Just Be A Coincidence Can It?

In life many things line up perfectly by mere happenstance, but then some things seem more like an intelligent design or even a marketing ploy of some ingenious fashion.

I noticed something, it might have been absolutely nothing or it may have been everything. You all know by now, that my mind works in a weird, twisted sort of wonky way. I see things, lines that connect events. Sure, you can call me a crazy conspiracy theorist nut if you’d like. Hell, you may even be right!

I noticed that after we elected the Citrus in Chief, there were two movies that got big pushes in their campaigns. The first was The Great Wall, a fictional telling about The Great Wall of China. The second movie has been more recent, it’s a horror film called Get Out. Think Stepford Wives, but with African-Americans being the ones brainwashed into waspy compliance.

These three things could not be connected at all and just happen to have coincided independently from each other. Then again, it  could have been a hell of a marketing ploy. No not electing Trump, just the preceding movie releases.

I admit this all just mere ramblings of a sleep and coffee deprived mind, but hey you never know. It could be something.

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