Coup De GrOdd

Welcome to another episode of Friday Night Freakshow, it’s not 14 days into the current administrations reign and we’re already tired of his nonsense. Odd goes on a rant for about an hour, but it’s poignant and peaceful. He tries to appeal to the human spirit within all of us to stop focusing on the minor differences and start seeing the vast similarities.

Odd and Ollie change gears after the first break and fill us in on what they have recently being playing. Which if you follow our twitter or Facebook page you already know it’s Ark: Survival Evolved. They talk about one incident in particular that had them dying from laughter. The made one BIG mistake and caught it on their twitch stream.

Ollie talks about her review of the Toddlers DLC for The Sims 4 and Odd let’s us know how big of an A-hole he is in Minecraft.

Odd rounds out the show with crazy and entertaining stories from around the internet. We hope you enjoy this episode of Friday Night Freakshow!

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