It’s Been Too Quiet!

Yes people, I have returned. I know it’s been quiet for far too long, but no more will you have to suffer the silence. Yes, I have come home to roost and there isn’t anyone who can stop me.

Expect a different kind of show though, we’re going to make sure you get great tunes and interesting topics. I just want to steer the show back to what I wanted to talk about originally, that being the weird and messed up world we live and all the freaks and geeks out their effected by or making the weird.

I have had time to reflect and gain new footing within my own mind and am excited to get back into the groove for a new year. Trust me when I say, with #Twitler at the helm of the nation you’re gonna need a madman to make the world make sense again.

I look forward to all of us getting to FREAK out together!

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