Oh How I Loathe The Clickbait Trend

You find yourself scrolling the internet looking for something to kill some time while waiting for appointment, fall asleep or maybe just finishing up a particularly difficult BM. Whatever the reason, you find an interesting article and want to read it…That’s when it happens. CLICKBAIT!


Clickbaitnoun. informal. [mass noun] (on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page: ‘these recent reports of the show’s imminent demise are hyperbolic clickbait‘ … ‘They, too, write viral headlines, post clickbait, and compete for mindshare.

We’ve all seen it, a compelling headline that makes it seem like the content after the jump is intriguing. Only to find out that it’s total bs and you click through 15 pages to get only about 3 paragraphs of actual content.

Clickbait sites often use large images to fill their page space in order to keep you clicking through. They are also ad heavy which means it takes forever for the page to load. Your clicks and constant page refreshing generates ad revenue for them. This is the main reason they do it, besides from being extremely light on creative content writers.

I absolutely despise those sites, being that I am in a constant crawl of the web to bring decent topics and content to our show I find myself running into a ton of clickbait. Sure I could avoid those sites, but the problem is more and more content providers are shifting to the clickbait format. Even sites that aren’t particularly known for the many pages of lacking content are starting to do the clickbait style headlines.

“Guess who might be leaving your favorite show” is a favorite of a lot of sites, you click and find out that nobody is leaving or they mention someone who is already gone. They only used that headline to grab you and bring you to their site. It’s pretty low and shows a lack of ability to create compelling articles and content.

I do my best to avoid doing this to you guys, I appreciate the time you take to come to my site and want you to continue coming back for genuine and original content. I mean sure it’d be easy to fold and follow the rest of the pack, but if you guys know only one thing about me it’s the fact that you know it isn’t my style to dupe and deceive you.

So how do we avoid these of sites? Well that’s almost impossible, even if you comment or send the webmaster a message citing disapproval, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll ignore it and you because they already got what they wanted out of you. You could make note of the sites that are clickbait heavy and block them or avoid them, but new sites pop up everyday and often from sites you’ve seen before or worse yet even trust.

I follow a page on facebook, Batdad. Batdad is a guy who loves driving his family bonkers with his Christian Bale styled batvoice and a Batman half mask. The video he posts are entertaining. His kids are adorable and his wife, though thoroughly tired of his antics still plays along and puts up with them. The problem is that Batdad also posts links to “articles” from sites like Diply which are often just regurgitated clickbait articles. It’s frustrating as a content creator to come up with new stuff, this I know all too well unfortunately. Sites that make things easier do have an appeal, but you owe it to your fans to not go that route in my opinion.

There are other offenders I follow, some of the WWE wrestler pages do the same thing. Especially the Chris Jericho page. That page is constantly using clickbait articles to keep people engaged and talking. It’s sad really because IF it really is Jericho’s page, he is smarter and more creative than that and if it isn’t really his page, then someone is basically trying to tarnish his image.

Let us know what you think about clickbait sites in the comments. Love them? Hate them? Don’t care either way? Have your say!

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